Серик Казбеков

Serik Kazbekov

Master of Sport International Class in climbing Serik Kazbekov is repeated prizewinner and winner of World Cups as well as frequent Champion of Ukraine. Nowadays he is one of the best coaches of Ukraine. Respected person, coach, friend, father. He helps and supports me through all of my life as my coach, my friend and my dad.

So, he is one of the most important person in my life. I think most of my dreams came true thanks to his moral investment to me.

Наташа Перлова

Natalia Perlova

Master of Sport International Class in climbing. Natalia Perlova is repeated prizewinner of World Cups. She also is frequent Champion of Ukraine. “Steel lady”, that is how people call such kind of women, who manage conquer the world around her and remain charming woman despite of permanent looking after her children. She is the best example for me to follow. She is the person, that gives me delight through all of my adulthood. Loving mother, strict coach, business-lady, this is how I can see her. I have never met a person stronger than she is.

Валентина Куршакова и Василий Пономаренко

Valentina Kurshakova and Vasiliy Ponomarenko

I would like to give a deep respect to my grandmother Valentina Kurshakova and grandfather Vasiliy Ponomarenko. They are Teacher, who have prepared great athletes, including my parents and my-self. A grateful feeling overfills me when I remember their patience and love during training cycles. My grandmother is Master of Sport of USSR, my grandfather is a national category coach. Nowadays they continue an active training work with a younger generation of rock climbers that includes forming teams, bringing them on different sport collections and competitions, investment of their efforts into development of rock climbing in our country.

Зилинский Саша

Alexander Zilinskiy

Master of Sport in climbing Alexander Zilinskiy is repeated prizewinner of Ukranian Cups. He is one of the best rock climbers in Ukraine. About half of athletes Kyiv were passed through his coach care before getting real sport results. He is a person, who invest an incredible efforts for development of rock climbing in Ukraine. This is why he is highly respected person in a rock climber world.

He is also my present day coach and my supporter, who motivates me when my energy is close to end, who helps me in reaching my potential and confidence.

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